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Boston Trolley Residence

Local center, residence and commerce

This project is in Mattapan, Boston MA. Research shows the area has unbalanced race diversity with most Africa American immigrated from mid-American. Over paved ground leave less area for the community. Even the area has bus and trolley station, the atmosphere pushes neighborhood away from outside, which isolate the area. The project assumes a change to the situation.


The idea comes from communication. Fluid tendency forms dynamic spirit. Color façades act as signpost, protruded flats serve as balconies and platforms. Modified uneven grass with trees and rocks naturally suit kids and family activity. Commerce and community services integrate with terrain, without a feeling of urbanism.


The design of bar shape comes from observation of nature flows such as wind, ribbons and myxobacteria. It can be an ideal type for cost-efficiency apartment as well as a strong guideline for pedestrian. The center part of the site provides space for activities. Larger built-in public transportation satisfies commuter and visitor, boost up local industry and commerce.

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