Film Making Proformance

Interdisciplinary study of performance

The performance of Photogrammetry shape generation is a very interesting topic. 


Although new films widely adopt visual effects to build background, many classic style film and low-cost filmmaker and director still in favor of stage set; cardboard and hollow models in small scale were used in Japan tokusatsu movie; A single bright color which is emerging in black and white scenes will strongly attract audiences’ eyes. 


Shooting architectural model resembles traditional filmmaking. In my study of photogrammetry generated model, I produced cardboard background. Bright yellow human models bounce out from grayscale scene in this video. Locked-down camera leave audiences time to talk about the details. 


These filmmaking techniques are useful in concept design phase of short term project with high speed iteration. They remain the pure elements and expose details to audiences. Slow pace match the speed of conversation.

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