High Rise Residence

Highrise architectural design

The project is assumed to be built at an urban village. The whole piece of architecture is consisting of three high rise building and a base multi-function building. The whole buildings include a shopping mall, hotel, residence, community facilities, and green parks. The aim of the design is to facilitating communication for the people from the low-income group. The building will create a better environment with low-rent for young people working in high-tech companies nearby, such as HUAWEI Shenzhen. These people are busy in work and have less time to interact with others. Therefore, bridges and interlocking spaces are designed for social space of this building. Bridges between three buildings are able to connect residents in different buildings and create convenience for people to meet or date with each other after busy work. Supermarket on the first several floors solves daily needs and create potential communication. While green parks on the ground and on top of buildings increase spaces such as balconies and rooftops relief tense motions and thus there could become Instagram lands. 

The logic of generation is considered as blocks and dislocate these blocks, in order to create public spaces. Buildings are separated by X-axis which allowed more residents to enjoy the sunlight. Bridges are inserting into buildings after a certain height. The total height of the three buildings is intentionally differentiated so that the skyline would be attractive to people when they are standing on the ground or the roof. 

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