Parametric Practice

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This task is a journey of logic thinking and computer program study. The whole shape is almost created by the grasshopper of rhino. Using a sequence of components, the program produced matters from a mass of lines to a series of fancy trapezoids with holes. Several parameters are used during the generation, and computer language Python took part in the generation of grayscale texture which covered on the shape.

The basic generation logic is loft from lift offset polygon that split from a mass of lines. The lines are generated by rotating a series of lines based on the distance between an interference point to the closest point of lines. While after polygon generated, the height of lift offsetting polygon is depended on the distance between each center of the polygon to a certain interference curve. 

In addition, I used plug-in TT tools and python script automatically unroll and flatten the model OK to be laser cut and assemble in real space. The texture of grayscale (image above) is automatically generated by a python script. The texture can be directly used by Adobe Illustrator and print out, which would be highly precise and time-saving. 

The inside-space could be a gallery or museum space. With dislocation of these units, a sequence of space will be created semi-automatically (because architects are filter and final decision maker).

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